In-Field Services

Soil Extraction

Agri-Food Laboratories employs two full time soil sampling technicians.  They have been trained in the proper procedures for soil extraction.  With the use of any of our geo-referenced sampling services, you will receive the analytical results in a shape file format, as well as a printable copy of the mapping performed.  All of the maps are created using a sub-meter accurate GPS.

Our Services:

  • Regular Sampling
    • extract soil cores and prepare for submission to the laboratory
    • Per day Charge applies (1 day = 500 acres)
  • GPS Grid Sampling
    • Includes: field maps created, soil sampling, soil analysis, colour maps and soil reports in a binder
    • Soil Tests: pH, BpH (if present), OM%, P, K, Mg, Ca, CEC, Zn, Mn
    • Sizes:
      • 1 ha. grid (2.47 acres - 330' x 330')
      • 0.40 ha grid (1.0 acre - 208' x 208')
  • Zone Sampling
    • predetermined management zone map is used to guide sample locations
    • per acre cost plus the cost of analysis (and the cost of zone definition if required)
  • Composite Sampling
    • Includes: Perimeter mapping, soil extraction and sample locations map
    • Provides a map indicating the sampling path and analytical results on (typically) a single page
  • NMP Plus
    • Includes: perimeter map with acre calculations, mapping of field features (grass water ways, hickenbottems, etc) and a composite sample every 25 acres
  • Site Specific Sampling for NMP
    • Includes: same as NMP Plus, but with a sample for every Hectare (2.5 acres)
    • Package 1: pH, BpH (if present), OM%, P, K, Mg, Ca, CEC, Zn, Mn
    • Package 2: pH, BpH(if present), P, K, Mg - minimum required

For current pricing of this service please contact the dispatch center (1-888-868-7645) for more information or to book the service.