About Us

Agri-Food Laboratories Inc. is a full service analytical facility located in Guelph, Ontario, serving Canadian and international clients since 1984. We offer high quality, reliable services providing Measurements for Management to all sectors of the agricultural industry, including analysis of feeds & forages, soils, fertilizers, plant tissue and greenhouse media and solutions.

Our dedicated professional staff utilize an intensive quality control system to ensure accuracy of results and maintain our accreditation with the Standards Council of Canada, OMAFRA, as well as participation in a number of proficiency testing programs. Our goal is to ensure the highest standard of reliability, consistency and customer service.

Agri-Food Laboratories was established by Griffith Laboratories in 1984 to provide soil analysis to the farmers of Ontario through OMAFRA programs. The lab was purchased in 1990 by Dale and Karon Cowan where the scope of services was expanded to feed and greenhouse sectors. The laboratory was then sold in 2006 to Agri-food Knowledge Solutions a division of Beef Improvement Ontario.

Agri-Food Laboratories recognizes and supports the use of precision agriculture including the use of GPS data management. In 1993, we began using GPS equipped soil sampling equipment to offer geo-referenced field maps incorporating data from systematic soil sampling. Our professional field technicians perform to high standards, ensuring integrity and accuracy of mapping and sample extraction.

Reports On-Line is a web based system created in 2004 which provides around the clock access to current and historical reports, as well as on-line calculators and crop recommendations. Our customers are able to download their reports in a variety of formats including CSV and PDF’s as needed.

Our rapid turnaround, strict quality control and reports on-line system make our services an integral and cost effective tool for farm management.